Right eye blinking astrology meaning

By Dr. Sonal Mittra

But fatigue also has a way of affecting smaller muscles as well. Eyes that work too hard or suffer from vision problems can easily become fatigued and result in experiencing eye twitching. You may be tiring your eyes out unnecessarily. This can happen when you need glasses but do have them, or do not wear them.

Continuous, unwanted squinting may also make your eyes twitch more often. Other factors like working in bad lighting can also strain your eyes and exhaust them. In this case, experts recommend using the rule. This rule means that you work on you device for 20 minutes. Then you look away at a distant object, at least 20 feet away. Hold your gaze at this spot for at least 20 seconds before returning it back to your screen. Following this rule with significantly reduce eye muscle fatigue that may be causing your eye to twitch.

Having too much caffeine can also trigger eye twitching. If you feel that you eye has started twitching too much, cut back on your caffeine intake. This includes all options like tea, coffee, chocolate and soft drinks. If you find it hard to eliminate caffeine completely, then try switching to decaffeinated varieties.

Just see if reducing caffeine helps with managing your eye twitching. If you notice a difference, then you will know the cause of your eye twitching. Many people suffer from a condition known as dry eyes. This happens when there is insufficient lubrication in the eyes.

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Not having enough moisture on the surface of the eye can cause it to twitch uncontrollably. Even though dry eyes have nothing to do with right eye twitching superstition, it can cause eyes to twitch a lot. Plus, people who suffer from dry eyes, also experience some degree of constant eye irritation. Sometimes, this can develop into noticeable inflammation of the eyes. A lack of certain nutrients can also cause eyes to twitch. If you do not have sufficient supplies of these nutrients in the body, then you may suffer from extensive and frequent eye twitching. To supplement these nutrients, you should eat a lot of greens for magnesium.

Take supplements for vitamin B12 as a deficiency can cause muscle spasms, soreness, and tingling. And try to get some sun every day to replenish vitamin D. If vitamin D levels are low, your body does not absorb as much calcium. Also try to keep well hydrated as even mild dehydration can bring about dry eyes which can lead to eye twitching. If you think that your eye twitching may be because of a lack of electrolytes, consume water or sports drinks.

People who have allergies often experience itching, swelling and watery eyes. Eye rubbing can cause the release of histamine into the eyelids. This is relevant as histamine can also contribute to eye twitching.

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People who suffer from allergies need to know the cause of their condition and take medication to prevent the symptoms accordingly. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. General Health.

Here is breakdown of how that works: pm am. If your right eye twitches around midnight, it is believed that your right eye twitching superstitionindicates that you will get invited to a party. In the wee hours of the morning, your right eye twitching means that someone is thinking about you. If your right eye twitches during this time, it means that everything will turn out fine.

Here is how they go: am- am. Your right eye twitching during this time warns you to be cautious as there may be a slight chance of injury. The right eye twitching at this time is a warning that you may get into a quarrel with someone. Otherwise, disaster may befall you. The positivity continues over the next few time frames like this: pm pm. If your right eye twitches in this time frame, it means that something happy is about to happen.

Eye Care & Vision Problems : What Causes Eye Twitching?

If your right eye twitches, it means that someone from far away will visit you. If your eye twitches in this part of the day then you are likely to attend a big gathering.

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The final time frame of the day becomes grim once again. If your right eye twitches in the final two hours of the day, before the cycle begins again, then you may face some court related trouble. Indian Superstitions about Right Eye Twitching While Chinese superstitions have their base in the time of the day, Indian superstitions do not take clock time into account. Have you heard your own theories on eye twitching meanings and superstitions? Please feel free to share those and any questions or comments you may have below! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Such as it could be stress or a medical problem. Every single time after my eye twitched, something bad to me usually followed like speeding ticket, an argument with others, etc. When my eye twitched I felt retarded. I would hate for my eye to twitch on a job interview.

I'm not superstitious. My eye twitches once in a while especially when I'm at the computer for too many hours. Thanks for this information. Personally it just annoys me when it happens to me. I'm now hoping for a good outcome :. How can anyone memorize all those different meanings for eye twitches!


Whenever my eye twitches I barely think about it, but now that I've read this Hub I'm inclined to become superstitious about it as well too. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, hubpages. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. WorkAtHomeMums more. Some say it can be brought on due to an increase in stress, eye strain, or a lack of sleep. A deficiency in magnesium can also contribute to an eye twitch.

Or, an excessive caffeine or alcohol intake might be the case. Others believe there are superstitions surrounding an eye twitch. Eye Twitching for Females is Considered. Good Luck if:. Eye Twitching for Males is Considered. It's specifically your bottom left eyelid; and you believe in Chinese superstitions or are Chinese.

Can mean death. This can be mean closure, or the death of a job, a life phase, and so forth. It doesn't have to be literal. Can mean birth. This can literally mean the birth of someone, or a new life chapter, relationship, or job, and so forth. As you can see, a lot of superstitions or beliefs vary, based on what ethnicity you are, where you are, left eye, right eye, upper eyelid or lower eyelid. These are some more general superstitions based on your right or left eye.

Medical Causes and Remedies If you're curious about what eye twitching may mean scientifically or medically, some of the reported causes may include: Fatigue Stress Caffeine Dry eyes Eye strain Bright light exposure Some remedies for eye twitching may include: Getting a good night's rest.

Reducing consumption of caffeine, this includes tea or coffee. Eye drops after consulting a medical professional to keep your eyes moist and provide lubrication. Taking a break from repetitive computer work or concentrated reading to give your eyes a chance to relax. Wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from bright light exposure.

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Have you ever experienced a twitch in your eye? Yes, definitely. Only in my left eye though. Only in my right eye though. Yes, definitely in both left and right eye. No, never. Yes, one of my eyes is twitching right now! See results. Tong Shu Chinese Almanac Theories. This olden day belief system not only acknowledges that eye twitches may signify something, but they have further developed theories on what an eye twitch may indicate based on eye and time: Left Eye Twitching During Specific Times: 11pm — 1am: A noblemen may be on his way to see you. You may lose money. Now, how about the right eye twitch?

Is this the same phenomenon as when your ears are burning? Another topic altogether.

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A happy event awaits you. There could be a slight injury. You may be in for an argument. However, it's just a minor one. Just like with the left eye 7pm -9pm: You are on your way to a big gathering. Conclusion No matter where your sudden twitch occurs, it feels colossal and you feel like the whole world can see it. I had my birthday yesterday and my eye left eye was twitching seriously. My sister and her husband both gave me an unexpected large amount of money. Left twiching is good for females. And right for males.

As i got it from my society. Great hub! Thanks for Sharing. My optician said that it was caused by being extremely tired.

Indian Beliefs, Superstitions, and Hindu Astrology

Great hub. Voted up, interesting and shared! I'm now hoping for a good outcome : Thank you. Really interesting! Voted up! Now I'm all twitchy! Seriously, very interesting Hub. Thank you for sharing! Sign In Join.

right eye blinking astrology meaning Right eye blinking astrology meaning
right eye blinking astrology meaning Right eye blinking astrology meaning
right eye blinking astrology meaning Right eye blinking astrology meaning
right eye blinking astrology meaning Right eye blinking astrology meaning
right eye blinking astrology meaning Right eye blinking astrology meaning
right eye blinking astrology meaning Right eye blinking astrology meaning
right eye blinking astrology meaning Right eye blinking astrology meaning

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