Cancer october 22 birthday astrology

With that said, there is quite a bit of conflict in how other people perceive you and how you perceive your self.

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To say that you are your own worst critic is to put hings mildly. You need to lighten up. In most cases, you are putting too much pressure on yourself, and this has a tremendously negative impact in all areas of your life. Lovers born on October 22 are genuinely very caring people. As you can probably already tell, these factors hold your relationships back.


Those with a birthday on October 22 are best suited for counselor, advisory, and analyst jobs. As long as you keep things to a certain level and you stay within these boundaries, you would do well. Either you get fired or you quit. In terms of intellectual ideals, you are perfectly okay. You know where to draw the line. You know where the limits are. You have such a black and white view of how emotional matters should be that you often set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Not surprisingly, your relationships tend to break apart and end up in an all too predictable way.

Well, if you want your relationships to achieve a certain level of intimacy and to be more fulfilling, stop making it all about you. The specific quality of air that your personality tends to reflect the most is its even distribution and its ability to be reduced to pure elements.

Horoscopes: October 22nd - 23rd

The conflict between these two planets play out in the tension between your ability to do things well on an intellectual level and your complete incompetence when it comes to matters of the heart. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to close personal relationships because you always end up sabotaging it at some level or other.

Friends that could have been lifelong best friends end up being superficial friends. Lovers who could have been lifelong partners end up brokenhearted. Additionally, you put your whole heart into a relationship whether it is business or personal.

Born October 22

This Libra in love is a happy one. Nonetheless, you are a beautiful person. You find that being coupled with someone brings you around a full circle. If you should find a partner who shares your ideas and goals, you will commit to that relationship without hesitation. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The October 22 birthday characteristics show you are dependable, faithful and devoted individuals. As a negative, those of you born today have a hard time breaking up.

Astrology Flower Ideas

Often times, you will be a good friend. It would be easy to say that you may have an active sex life. Test Now! The October 22nd birthday meanings show that you have a tendency to ward off individuals with the impression of not being so friendly. However, you are a very warm and understanding individual.

October 22 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

In fact, you are independent but you like being partnered with somebody. You keep your feelings to yourself but you are an honest Libra. Generally, your birthday astrology predicts that you are idealistic but grounded people. Deidre Jenkins today. This card stands for an innocence that is spontaneous and free of all kinds of worry.

Personality Profile for People Born on October 22

Number 5 — This number stands for new opportunities, adventure, curiosity, and resourcefulness. Number 4 — This is a number that symbolizes wisdom, dependability, hard work and honesty. Silver: This is a color that symbolizes mystery, perception, modern thinking and elegance. Blue: This color symbolizes idealism, trust, faith, communication, and stability.

Sunday — This day ruled by the Sun signifies a day of renewal of your dreams, goals and future plans.

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Friday — This day ruled by Venus signifies a day of pleasing yourself with doing what you like. Opal gemstone is a healing stone that can increase your energy and helps you become more stable mentally. An expensive Calvin Klein perfume for the man and a potted flower plant for the woman. Tags libra October. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Cancer october 22 birthday astrology
Cancer october 22 birthday astrology
Cancer october 22 birthday astrology
Cancer october 22 birthday astrology
Cancer october 22 birthday astrology
Cancer october 22 birthday astrology

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