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Other ancient cultures also saw it as a herald of kingly power. Under modern classifications, Regulus is considered a blue-white "B" star that lies on the main sequence of stellar evolution. While Regulus, like the sun, fuses hydrogen to helium in its center, it is more massive than the sun and therefore hotter and brighter. Unseen by the naked eye are two very faint companions to the much larger bright star. The binary pair two dwarfs, orange and red are about 4, Earth-sun distances astronomical units, or AU away from Regulus and take about , years to complete one orbit, Darling said.

The dwarfs are about 95 AUs apart, more than three times the average distance between Neptune and the sun. There is probably another companion as well, according to one research team that did measurements of the spin of Regulus. Variations in the spin of the star mean there is probably a white dwarf , or dead star, lurking in the vicinity of Regulus, the astronomers argued in Indeed, the lowest mass white dwarfs are usually found in binary systems where they lost a significant fraction of their mass.

Astronomers had a detailed look at Regulus' motion in a study published in , showing that the star would only need to rotate about 10 percent faster to tear itself to pieces. They added, however, that they couldn't see anything in the system that would cause it to move faster. The rotation of Regulus speeds at , mph 1.

This is said because Regulus is one of the brightest stars in our sky, as well as laying on the ecliptic. In ancient times, Regulus was seen as the fixed star of royalty and the giver of great riches and success. He is the heart of the lion. He is fierce, but fair. Generous, loyal, and deeply respected. Though there is risk of going to far- those with Regulus strong in their chart may be too tempted by ego and let it get the best of them.

In their rise to fame they may falter because of arrogance. This can be avoided by being true to your heart and using your passion for the benefit of others instead of feeding your ego. There is definitely an aspect of courage and honor associated with Regulus. This can be open, physical bravery, and the urge to jump into action when you or another is in danger. It can show military honors or intense respect by others for things you have accomplished that others dared not to try. This is especially so when this fixed star is in conjunction to your Midheaven.

It may be more of an internal energy when coupled with your moon, yet the desire is still strong to be recognized for that internal bravery since you may not have the means to show it. It will add a destined sort of vigor to that house and its affairs. I was born with my natal Mars conjunct Regulus. Like within minutes.

Fixed Star Regulus in Virgo ~ The Lion and the Maiden- Evolving Door Astrology

Less than half an orb. I do feel regal. Maybe somewhat brave. It is at 29 degrees Leo in my first house. My ac is 18 degrees Leo.

Regulus in a birth chart

I will be 50 this year and have desired to be wealthy in my life for awhile now. I was born with a 3 planet stellium in my 2nd house, Pluto conjunct Uranus conjunct the moon. But I also have Saturn in opposition in my 8th house. I read that delays rewards until later in life. I am a Libra.

Regulus in modern times

I have a no kill animal shelter with as many as 40 dogs at a time to care for. The desire of my heart is to provide a better life for me and my dogs. You can be wealthy in other ways, not just monetary.

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It seems you have a big heart and lots of love and that in itself is true wealth, as many seem to not be able to find happiness or compassion. Much healing to you and blessings for your future. Any insight on Regulus conjunct Venus in 10th house? Looks like this is a star only used conjunct, yet I have aneretic asc trine aneretic regulus in 8th house between 2 retrograde heavies, no orb; exact. Noting in my life has ever been what you might call normal.

Any wisdom to impart Dear Lady? Am I trying to read something unsubstantiated into this? Muchas Gracias! Thank you greatly for your lovely compliment, I am pleased I came across clearly. As for your question, I know many astrologers that use fixed stars, asteroids, etc.

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  • The name Regulus actually comes from the Latin rex, or king. The star was known in Arabia as Malikiyy, the Kingly One; in Greece as the "Star of the King"; in ancient Babylon, as Sharru or the King; to the even more ancient Akkadians of Mesopotamia it represented Amil-gal-ur, the legendary King of the Celestial Sphere who ruled before the great flood. Regulus is known as one of the four Royal Stars of the heavens, the other three being Aldebaran , Fomalhaut , and Antares.

    Regulus, in the constellation Leo, is the northern Royal Star.

    Birth Chart: Regulus (Pisces)

    These four Royal Stars are considered to be sentinels watching over other stars and form a Fixed Cross in the heavens. There is hidden meaning in this configuration and the term Fixed Cross , worthy of contemplation. Regulus lies at the base of the sickle of Leo, resembling a reversed question mark some 16 degrees 1 high.

    To modern sky watchers this sickle outlines the majestic head and mane of the great westward-facing lion, crouched in the regal pose of the enigmatic Egyptian Sphinx. Regulus is only half a degree 1 from the ecliptic , therefore a relatively common sight is to view the moon or other bright planet passing close to Regulus, and infrequently occulting it. Regulus was occulted by Venus, an exceedingly rare event, on July 7, According to modern computations, no other occultation by a first magnitude star will occur for several centuries. Remarkably, the planet Venus came within 1.

    Regulus, a first magnitude star, is the 21st brightest star in our sky. Its estimated diameter is five times that of our sun our sun is about one million miles wide , with a luminosity of times that of our sun.

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    • It is 85 light years from Earth; this means it takes 85 years for the light which is emitted from Regulus, in present time, to actually be visible to us. What we see today is an year old picture of Regulus!

      Regulus is also known as the Ruler, the Lawgiver. When we think of the word Regulus it can be held as a regulator.

      regulus in leo astrology Regulus in leo astrology
      regulus in leo astrology Regulus in leo astrology
      regulus in leo astrology Regulus in leo astrology
      regulus in leo astrology Regulus in leo astrology
      regulus in leo astrology Regulus in leo astrology
      regulus in leo astrology Regulus in leo astrology

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