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Creative Scorpios could birth a brilliant idea over dinner and drinks! The truth will set you free…but maybe a little TOO free today. A tough moon-Jupiter square could tempt you to blurt something that fills the room with awkward vibes. Refine your thoughts before you step on that soapbox. A tense opposition between ardent Venus and rebellious Uranus in your partnership corner could rock the love boat this Saturday. Although it may feel easier to start a fight and blame the other party than to bravely assert your needs, resist! Find a way to broach the subject before your suppressed anger blows up like a volcano—better yet, take a short timeout until cooler heads prevail.


Have your cake and comfort food AND your nights on the couch too. But make sure you're running primarily on clean fuel. Fill up with fall superfoods like apples, kale, sweet potatoes and pomegranates, and you'll come alive. If you're bored with your fitness routine, a group class could be the perfect reboot. After all, squats are easier when you do 'em with a squad! Get the Horoscope Guide! Scorpio Daily Horoscope. Tuesday, October 8, Simply irresistible! Wednesday, October 9, Prepare for liftoff! You may be feeling a little shy today, or perhaps you simply aren't in a social mood.

Your attention turns toward matters of everyday importance, and you should find it easy to concentrate. You're cool-headed in a crisis, but the fact that you're moving so cautiously through the steps of a project means you probably won't encounter any major issues in the first place. You're smart to head off problems before they develop. Today it's important to pay attention to the small stuff. That doesn't mean you should sweat it, but it's a savvy move to stay on top of details you might let slide on a different day.

Of course, you don't want to drive yourself crazy.

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Plus, you're only human, which means you can only do so much. But you'll find that keeping an eye on the little things improves the overall picture. If you have a reputation as a perfectionist, it's probably due to days like today, when your analytical mind is especially keen. You won't let a single detail slip by you. That outlook would drive some people crazy.

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In your case, it's just how you are -- logical, focused and with high expectations. Still, keep a sense of practicality about you. That way, you can set your standards to a high yet reasonable limit. Be realistic today about your limits, plans and abilities. It's important to aim high under the current influence, but not so high that your goals are unattainable.

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That would just lead to feelings of disappointment in yourself. Being realistic from the start keeps your efforts in line with how much you can actually, reasonably accomplish, and it allows you to be human. If you need assistance, for example, ask for it. You're security-minded by nature, and today peace of mind comes from focus and work.


Take your tasks seriously, even if they're minor or tedious. A concentrated effort yields great results now, and a serious outlook is favoured. This shouldn't be difficult to live up to, since currently you're more analytical than usual. Given your love of uncovering what was previously hidden, you could get quite absorbed in some pursuit today. Today, stick to real-world issues and concerns. You have a tendency toward philosophical, idealistic thinking, which is important, to be sure. But on a day like this, there's a lot to consider in the realm of reality -- your life as it actually is.

Pay attention to the systems and routines of your daily life.

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Take it on as a personal challenge to become an efficiency expert, and make workable plans and improvements. A reserved mood settles in today.

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  7. You have a lot on your mind, but not in a bad way. Even problems aren't any trouble for you to manage, because you approach them more like puzzles in need of a solution. That logical perspective helps protect against getting emotionally involved, which usually just complicates things. It's a good day to turn a critical eye toward your health. Perhaps you haven't been exercising enough, or maybe it's your diet that could use an overhaul. Alternatively, your home might be in a state of severe neglect, because you choose to focus your attention on more important matters.

    scorpio daily horoscope december 28 Scorpio daily horoscope december 28
    scorpio daily horoscope december 28 Scorpio daily horoscope december 28
    scorpio daily horoscope december 28 Scorpio daily horoscope december 28
    scorpio daily horoscope december 28 Scorpio daily horoscope december 28
    scorpio daily horoscope december 28 Scorpio daily horoscope december 28

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