November 26 horoscope for pisces

Honesty, forthrightness, and directness. You can learn to be more of these things, too. Monday, Jupiter and Mercury align and so there's some energy brewing with ideas.

November 26 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

It's a great day for you to journal and plan, but Mars will provide more supportive motivational energy mid-week when it aspects strongly with structure-oriented Saturn. The Sun symbolizes your public life and the here and now. While in Sagittarius, you may be involved in learning, spiritual matters, travel, or starting new projects that involve others.

Sagittarius loves to take what they have learned or mastered and share their knowledge with the world.

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Love and work is still focused on relationships, networking, and finding the right match in what you do will be easier. You may prefer being paired up in group situations and socializing can be more light and fun. Even though Mercury is retrograde, what can be a bit unfortunate in the area communication can turn into a happy event after all. You may find that paperwork, computer or tech difficulties come with a positive discovery that puts you in a better position than before.

It's a fortunate time when Jupiter is home in the sign of Sagittarius. Aries, with Sagittarius in the 9th house you may find yourself doing more travel this week or in the upcoming year. Right now, you can anticipate a significant breakthrough in an area of your life.


Your knowledge can expand. You may be sharing information that you've learned. There can be an opportunity for truth to help you to break a barrier that has prevented you from gaining ground in an area of your career. You can find yourself becoming more intuitive and astute about situations.

Also, the 8th house has to do with resources that are shared. You may find that you are able to have access to things that you need via a relationship with a partner or family member. You may find a fated opportunity comes your way.

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  • You might meet someone or connect with a mentor that provides you great advise. At the same time, this Jupiter and Sun conjunction also forms a strong aspect with Mercury, your ruling planet which can bring about an expansive opportunity that involves travel or information that brings you new ideas.

    You'll be inspired! You may find that you feel better, find improved health. You may find that what you do at work starts to be more balanced and you can find yourself feeling supportive. There's a possibility that you can find some information out that you need to make smart decisions that you need in order to bring some wellness into your life. You might find yourself being flirted with or that you are more flirty.

    You might find that people see you as more attractive and if you're single, you can meet new people. If you're a person who loves music, you might find yourself creating songs or writing more lyrics. There's also a chance for you to feel more connected with others and this can lead you to a new circle of friends to collaborate with. You may meet people who can influence your future and you are able to make a good first impression. If you are searching for a job, you might find someone of influence that can put in a good word for you.

    November 12222 Monthly Horoscope

    Your ruling planet Mercury is also involved in this aspect and it affects your 4th house. If you're selling property or looking to buy, paper work may require you to be more diligent in checking the fine print. You may feel like rushing forward for fear of missing out, but instead, it's advisable that you take your time and review as needed. Libra, the Sun and Jupiter conjunction activates your 3rd house and this opens the door to communication, writing, social media. If you're wanting to start an online business, this is a wonderful week to plan.

    If you're uncertain about what you want to do, you may discover a hidden talent through creativity or play.

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    Jupiter trine to your natal sun induces well-being and expansion of your personality. You have great opportunities to enrich your life through interesting encounters, a trip, a new formation. It is also the gateway to sensuality, greed, research and the acquisition of beautiful things. Nevertheless, you must leave your reserve to enjoy these excellent celestial dispositions.

    Pisces Weekly Horoscope from 19th November - 26th November

    You feel valued at work or in your social life, you are supported, recognized. The moment is perfect to undertake and make choices for the future, as long as they remain realistic. Pisces Love Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th November Your sentimental behavior is enriched by a more tolerant behavior that will allow you to better understand your partner.

    Your delicacy will be appreciated, you create the ideal climate for yourself to bloom feelings.

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    The potting soil of your loves will not be favorable to the balance of power. You disarm without even realizing it. Only the shadow thrown by Saturn can push you to go too far in your dialogues, too much realism is not always good.

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    • Pisces Work Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th November Your optimism shines brightly in your professional life this week. Planetary impulses promise you promising lane-changing opportunities if you agree to arm yourself with patience to play the game of a progressive advance. The impulses of Mars associated with those of Mercury and Venus guarantee you daring positively targeted compared to your superiors.

      November 26 horoscope for pisces
      November 26 horoscope for pisces
      November 26 horoscope for pisces
      November 26 horoscope for pisces
      November 26 horoscope for pisces
      November 26 horoscope for pisces
      November 26 horoscope for pisces
      November 26 horoscope for pisces
      November 26 horoscope for pisces

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